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    Arts and Crafts
    Meeting with fascinated craftsmen and artists talented height. They express their know-how through unique works according to their imagination and to their inspiration. For the public, the result is always a pleasant surprise... Only for the pleasure of your eyes!
26 dans le Finistère.
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Art, Craft and Gallery in Concarneau

aux quat' Sardines

anh gloux 17 avenue du docteur Nicolas 29900 Concarneau (Finistère)
Phone : 09 51 14 17 14  - Mobile phone : 06 82 01 26 52
a gallery and bookstore that bears the name of a beach in an area Concarneau. bookish especially friendly and colorful sea facing the marina. Contemporary artists will exhibit, we encounter writers ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Plonévez-Porzay


Desvignes Nathalie 7, rue de la presqu’île 29550 PLONÉVEZ-PORZAY 29550 Plonévez-Porzay (Finistère)
Phone : 02 98 81 63 90
The green mouse workshop is a workshop of ceramics that creates unique pieces in ceramic and raku.
You can discover: animal (cats, rabbits, chickens, giraffes...) ceramics of the Breton stylized ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Kerlouan

Atelier Villadada

Danielle Bruck Théven 29890 Kerlouan 29890 Kerlouan (Finistère)
Phone : 06 19 38 15 95

Art, Craft and Gallery in Concarneau

la céramique décorative

Anne Reyes 2 rue du M en Fall 29900 Concarneau (Finistère)
Phone : 06 86 72 28 27
crafts for decoration indoor and outdoor ceramics

Art, Craft and Gallery in Landerneau

Les fées chics, accessoires de mode et cadeaux

Chloé Giroud 24 rue de la fontaine blanche 29800 Landerneau (Finistère)
Phone : 09 83 96 78 47
Chloe and Brigitte manufacture for you to fashion accessories unique and made to measure. Everything is customizable (color, fabrics, colours, embroidery...). Realization of textile gifts (gifts of ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Concarneau

Galerie Mé-Mo & Mo-A

Mévellec Monsart Christelle 9 rue St Guénolé 29900 Concarneau (Finistère)
Phone : 02 29 40 15 31  - Mobile phone : 06 33 87 19 72
Oil, acrylic, marouflage papers and other materials have been the ones to make her work for several years.Today Christelle Monsart rediscovers the grain of charcoal, the intensity of the black stone, ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Camaret-sur-Mer


Valérie Pétri Place Saint Thomas 29570 CAMARET SUR MER 29570 Camaret-sur-Mer (Finistère)
Phone : 06 65 18 73 83

Art, Craft and Gallery in Lampaul-Guimiliau

Poterie artisanale céramiste Didier Bourel

Didier Bourel 11 place de l'Eglise 29400 Lampaul-Guimiliau (Finistère)
Phone : 02 98 68 63 72
Didier Bourel, potter in Brittany, is working the clay since 1976. Stoneware or porcelain production is oriented mainly around the arts of the table: plates, teapots, pitchers, bowls, cups, dishes to ...
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