Fête des vieux métiers à trégrom

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Fête des Vieux Métiers à Trégrom

the Sunday 13 August 2017 comité des fêtes 22420 Trégrom (Côtes d'Armor) site de la chapelle de Christ 22420 trégrom
Phone : 02 96 47 96 12
An exclusive team of craftmen will present the occupations of the old days and will animate the stalls throughout the afternoon. As a matter of fact, the anciant occupations concerning the land and the sea will come alive again thanks to the expert hands of these craftmen. So, you’ll be able to visualize the “savoir-faire” of embroideresses, spinners, wooden shoes makers (sabots), basket makers, woodcarvers, herbalist, model maker, potter, sawyers and many other crafts that you will discover on the spot, including lobster pot.

Throughout the afternoon, come and admire a whole collection of barouches, old cars and old tractors, taste and buy (why not) products offered by the local craftmen and producers, have a ride on an open cart….The fair wouldn’t be what it is, without the traditional threshing. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the threshing with flails.
You will take part in a presentation of alpacas and a demonstration of the spinning of their wool. You will be able to meet their stock breeders who will give you explanations on the life of these animals.You can also see the blacksmith, who will shoe horses.

Besides and following the same Breton tradition there’ll be a show of old traditional clothes and headdresses (coiffes) in the Chapel.
You’ll also discover the Breton folk music and country dancing thanks to the “Cercle Celtique de Garlan” that you’ll be invited to join if you want to learn the Breton danses.

7.30 p.m. Diner. Come and taste “Ar Wastell”, the traditional stew, while listening to the John Orchestra and watching the Garlan dansers.
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